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CompanyEnvision Faiza Syed
NameFaiza Syed
Street address0000
Postal code | location0000 0000
LanguageFrom: Norwegian, Urdu | to: Norwegian, Urdu
BackgroundGovernment Authorised Translator in Norway between Urdu and Norwegian languages, both ways. Accredited (after testing) as an Urdu->English->Urdu Translator by NAATI, Australia. Recognised as a Norwegian->English->Norwegian Translator by NAATI, Australia. Practising as a translator and interpreter since 1994. Experience from Norway and Australia. Course in Legal Translation from Norwegian School of Economics in June 2016. Currently living in Australia.
InterpreterNot available for interpreting at the moment.
Areas of specializationLegal documents, Medicine, Personal documents (certificates, diplomas, etc), Public administration (for government agencies/public bodies), Public/private correspondence, Business correspondence, Other,