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CompanyJapan Consult Hiroko Kimura
NameHiroko Kimura
Street addressLilloe-Olsensv. 20
Postal code | locationN-0489 Oslo, Norway
Tel.(+47) 9587 3034, and ......
Mobile(+47) 9587 3034
OtherI translate and interpret to/from Japanese, using Norwegian and English. Was a column-writer for a magazine in Japan for about 20 years. Language professional, editing-interpreter and subtitler for Norw. TV programs. Public lectures in Norwegian, English and Japanese. Authorized Oslo Guide. Coordinator for media.
LanguageFrom: Norsk, Japansk | to: Japansk
BackgroundI have lived in Norway almost 40 years. Have worked as subtitler in TV (J-N), for NRK, the Norwegian National Broadcasting. Also lectured in English and Norwegian at universities & seminars. Authorized Oslo Guide. Interpreted at many companies, events & seminars. Coordinator for media and delegations. Sometimes, as multilingual Master of Ceremony, in comb. with Japanese interpreter function.
InterpreterI interpret & translate mainly using the 3 languages only: N, J & E. But, my French listening ability is being improved daily since spring of 2019. Tolking for delegasjoner, media-besøk, møter, teknologisk/teknisk besøk, intervjuer, foredrag/lecture, kongresser osv. Tolkeerfaring helt siden 1977.
Areas of specializationNavegación, Legal documents, Medicine, Technical: handbooks, instruction manuals, etc., Tourism, Personal documents (certificates, diplomas, etc), Public administration (for government agencies/public bodies), Public/private correspondence, Business correspondence, Cultural topics, Other, Interpreting, Copy editing and proofreading,