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CompanyKui Zhu Kinesisk Språktjeneste AS
NameKui Zhu
Street addressSvenskerud 136
Postal code | location3409 Tranby
Tel.32 84 87 78
Mobile97 53 43 85
LanguageFrom: Norsk, Kinesisk | to: Norsk, Kinesisk
BackgroundStatsautorisert translatør norsk-kinesisk/kinesisk-norsk fra 2004. Statsautorisert tolk fra 2000.
InterpreterStatsautorisert tolk fra 2000. 19 års erfaring som tolk. Har tolket for departementer, Stortinget, NHO, rettsvesenet, politiet, næringsliv m.m.
Areas of specializationLegal documents, Medicine, Tourism, Personal documents (certificates, diplomas, etc), Public administration (for government agencies/public bodies), Economic- administrative texts (auditing, accounting, etc.), Public/private correspondence, Business correspondence, Cultural topics, Other, Interpreting, Copy editing and proofreading, Insurance,